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    Thank you for stopping by our blog! This is a place to share all things Pebbles! Pebbles is a small Shih Tzu known as Positively Pebbles ™ because she's always in action, making everyone smile with her funny comments, cute tricks and deeds filled with compassion.

    Pebbles is currently working on several projects that will help homeless animals and was featured in Everydog Magazine, Winter 2013.

    Last year, she raised over $600.00 at her 1st birthday party for abused dogs and hopes to excede that amount this year! She's definitely one busy girl!

    But, don't worry! She still has time for fun. Pebbles is currently learning how to skateboard and enjoys playing with her family and friends.

    Make sure to follow her adventures every week!

I Miss You So Much Pebbles! Forever, My Valentine!

OH Pebbles! It’s now been 1 month and 3 weeks since you left your fursuit… I miss you more and more each day! I long so bad to hold your little body, feel your warm kisses, and to hear your little grunts, and even snores! If I could just hear you talk to me once again! I have so many pictures and videos yet my mind remembers every single one and every single moment they were taken. I will never forget anything about you! I’ve seen the Red Cardinals that you’ve sent me. Thank you! They gave me happiness and I knew they were from you! Death does not change my love for you as I know you are only a breath away from this physical world. FOREVER, PEBBLES! Wuv, Mommy