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Monthly Archives: January 2014


Happy “Throw Back” Thursday! Looks like Care Bears™ are back! I Wuv my new Funshine! Do you remember whichView full post »

Sunshine Day!

Whoa! Have a Furbulous Day!  View full post »

Who’s Positively Adorable?

Have a terrific Tuesday! XOXO Pebs    View full post »

It Sure Is Monday!

Looks like someone has a case of the “Mondays!”  View full post »


Do you think I could create a new game called “Peekapebs?”View full post »

I’m Fureezing!

This cold weather is positively fureezing!View full post »

Snow! Really?

You have to be a “southern” dog to understand all they hype about the “S” word! Woof! It’sView full post »

Happy Sunday

Make it a good one, and be sure to always enjoy the ride!    View full post »