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Monthly Archives: August 2014

Happy Sunday!

Good Morning! Is anyone else tired after yesterday? How bout that college football!?!? Yip! Yip! -PebblesView full post »

It’s Game Day!

It’s game day! No matter what team you WOOF for, I hope your team wins! I’m gonna say WAR EAGLE! Although, IView full post »

Hello Friday!

Well, hello there, Friday! I’ve waited all week for you! TGIF! -PebblesView full post »

Happy Thursday!

Happy Thursday!  Like my new bow? -Pebbles  View full post »

Happy Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday! The weekend is getting closer… In the meantime, here’s a little “cute” to make youView full post »

Happy Tuesday!

A teddy bear always makes things better! Hope you have a terrific Tuesday! Wuv, PebblesView full post »

Yup! It’s Monday!

Yup! It’s Monday and I’m NOT getting up… At least, not just yet! Woof! PebblesView full post »

Happy Sunday!

This Sunday I’m thinking hard! Can you guess what about? Wuv, PebblesView full post »

I’m Ready for Fall and Football!

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for Fall and some FOOTBALL! This heat wave is killing me! Woof!View full post »


Who’s happy it’s Friday?? TGIF! PebblesView full post »

Happy “Throwback” Thursday!

Happy “Throwback” Thursday! This is the first time I went on LIVE TV. I think I did a pretty good job… I&#View full post »

Yep! I Did it!

Yep! I did it! Do you think anyone saw me? -PebblesView full post »

Too Cute Tuesday!

Here’s something “TOO CUTE” for your Tuesday! Shhh! I’m sleeping… =) Wuv, Pebbles  View full post »

Yep! It’s Monday.

This is my “Monday” face. No caption needed… Woof! PebblesView full post »

Looking Cute

I’m just sitting here… Looking cute! -PebblesView full post »