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This Is My Fight Song!

“This is my fight song… Take back my life song!”

A lot has happened since last week. I got really sick last Thursday. Mommy took me to the doctor and I was diagnosed with, Immune-Mediated Hemolytic Anemia  (IMHA). I was fine and just out of the blue I got really sick. I almost died!

On Thursday, I received a blood transfusion and lots of medications to make me better. By Friday evening, I was doing well enough to go home with Mommy, but it was still very serious. Today, I am home with Mommy and my blood work looks good. It’s still not perfect… But I am now in what they call “The Recovery Phase.” Please pray for me to fight this disease and kick it into complete remission! It’s possible but I’m gonna have to take a lot of medication for a while.

Wuv, Pebbles



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