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Monthly Archives: October 2015


Today the vet is slowing weening me off of one of my IMHA medications, as my white blood cells are now suppressed wayView full post »

It’s Been 1 Month!

1 month ago today I was extremely ill and diagnosed with IMHA. A month later I am almost completely well with the bestView full post »

Update from Vet today!

The vet said my blood work was PERFECT TODAY! Yip! Yip! PebblesView full post »

I’m an U.S.A. Service Dog!

This happened a while back… So, now that Pebbles is feeling more like herself again, lets congratulate her onView full post »

Recent Update!

My blood work is perfect again today, even better than Friday! I am doing good for now… However, on Friday, the doctorView full post »

Today’s Blood Work Results!

Today, the veternarian said that my red blood count and white blood count are perfect!  The most perfect they’veView full post »

Prayers for Pebbles!

Prayer for a Sick Pet Heavenly Father, Please help us in our time of need, You have made us stewards of Pebbles. If itView full post »