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Happy Easter From Heaven!

Pebbles says Happy Easter from Heaven and SMILE when you think of her always! XO


April 30, 2017 - 10:40 pm

Martha Florin - I still go to Pebbles’ website as I smile when I see her face. I also have a Shih Tzu who is an 1 yr 7 mos IMHA survivor. I would always watch Pebbles’s videos with my him and even adopted her as my Bubbles girlfriend ( without asking your permission). I miss her too. I coul not imagine the pain you must be going through as she was a special girl. Today, I also felt the urge to visit her website again. I have a hard time finding her video. It always makes me smile watching them. She was quite a talker. Just a note to let you know that Pebbles has touched my heart so profoundly and I also am going through some grief from her passing. I was so shocked when I heard her passing. I was not able to sleep for weeks questioning why this happened. She was doing so well or I thought she was. Anyway, I just wanted you to know. I know she touched so many hearts. That was her purpose.. Martha

January 10, 2018 - 6:33 am - Martha, I am just now seeing this and it is now 2018! Thank you for writing me! How is your little Shih Tzu doing?
Please visit us on FaceBook at the Positively Pebbles page! There you can see posts of the rest of the Garaca Pack still
and Pebbles sent me a new specail baby, a “Shorkie”, Who is named CeCe to help me heal. CeCe turned 1 year old on December 17. She came
with a few health issues herself but us doing very well now! She’s nothing like my Pebbles was but has brought laughter back
into my life again! Just too make sure Pebbles knew that she picked her out for me… CeCe is white with a red/brown heart on her side and a red/brown
pair of angel wings on the other! Pebbles was God… An angel from God who was on a mission and her mission was up! She is now my guide of Guardian Angel always until it’s time for me to leave my human suit. But I still miss her every day of my life! I want that fursuit back so bad I can’t stand it! But I now know she had to go. It was her will. And, God’s will and I will see her again in Angel form or “Pebbles” form the moment I transition to the other side… Back to God. I’m sure whichever way I want her to be as she was God’s gift to me for 5 short years but enough to change my life for good! I need to get the website going again with CeCe and the remaining Garaca Pack! We did lose our Bella last April to kidney failure too. But she was old and it was time, and I knew my Pebbles was guiding her home the second she left that worn out fur suit! My angels! It’s been 1 year now. Pebbles passed away on Jan. 3 2017. But it’s seems like forever but yet I remeber every little thing still about her.

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