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Beach Memories!

It’s Sunday and I’m back home… But, I like to think about the nice sea breeze and the big, blue ocean! IView full post »

Beach Pups!

Lola and I love the beach!  We are trying to smile for the camera, but the sunshine is SO bright! We sure are gonnaView full post »

Surf’s Up!

Surf’s Up! TGIF! Pebbles  View full post »

“Too Cute” Tuesday

Here’s something “Too Cute” for your Tuesday! XO PebblesView full post »

Yappy Monday!

Hi ya’ll! It’s only Monday, and I’m already getting this “Beach thing” down! I’mView full post »

Beach Baby!

Mommy says that I’m her little “Beach Baby!” Isn’t it positively, beautiful? Wuv, PebblesView full post »

Packed and Ready!

OK! I’m finally packed and ready to GO! Let’s hit the road! PebsView full post »


Yea, baby! It’s FRIDAY… And, I’m gonna slip on down to the Oasis! Yip! Pebbles    View full post »

Yappy Thursday!

Hiya! Yappy Thursday! We are almost there! Yip! Yip! PebblesView full post »

“Words of Wisdom” Wednesday

Here are some “Words of Wisdom” for your Wednesday… A dog can NEVER have too many TOYS or TREATS! Ha!View full post »

Too Cute Tuesday!

Here’s something “Too Cute” for your Tuesday! XO Pebbles  View full post »


BUT… What happened to the WEEKEND? Try and make it good one! Woof! PebblesView full post »


Come on… It’s FRIDAY! I know YOU must have something FUN planned for me! TGIF! Pebs  View full post »

Happy “Throwback Thursday!”

Happy “Throwback Thursday!” Mommy says I was only 6-months-old. I guess I was a Diva then too! Ha! PebblesView full post »

Yappy Hump Day!

Yappy “Hump Day!” Guess where I’ll be in about a week? I just can’t wait! Maybe, I will see aView full post »