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Happy August!

Happy August! I got an adorable, little haircut so I can stay cool during the “Dog Days” of summer! Woof!View full post »

More Treats Please!

The look on my face when Mommy won’t give me as many treats as I want on my way back from PetSmart! WOOF!  View full post »

Merry Christmas 2015!

Merry Christmas! I placed myself under the tree! I’m trying to “Ham it up” for the camera!  I knowView full post »

Buried Treasure

I’m looking for a buried treasure in the sand… Do you think I’ll find one??? Wuv, Pebbles  View full post »

Beach Hair!

This beach wind is horrible on my hair! Woof! But, I love being here with Mommy! PebsView full post »

This Face!

If this face doesn’t make you SMILE today… Then, I don’t know what will! Ha! Pebbles  View full post »


This is the look I get on my face when I go shopping, and see something I really want! Gracie, just wants to jump outView full post »

I See Tzu!

I see Tzu… Tzu see me? Ha! Pebbles  View full post »

What’s that I Hear?

What’s that I hear… The weekend is half-way near? Yip! Yip! PebblesView full post »

Ray of Sunshine!

Mommy says I’m her “Little Ray of Sunshine!” What do you think? Wuv, PebblesView full post »

Adorable Haircut!

Somebody got an ADORABLE, little haircut yesterday! How do you like it? Wuv, Pebbles  View full post »

Tickle Me Pebbles!

Who else loves a good tickle?  Ha! PebblesView full post »

Who’s Your Diva?

Mommy says sometimes I’m a DIVA… I wonder what she means by that? -Pebbles  View full post »

Sunday Popsicle!

“Sun so hot it’ll melt your popsicle!” But, don’t worry, I’ll EAT it before it does! Ha!View full post »

Yappy Thursday!

Hello, Lovelies! Yappy Thursday! I’m a bit “Up close and personal” today!  Ha! PebblesView full post »