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Hiya! I just wanted to say hello! I’m doing pretty good. I’m still fighting IMHA! Mommy says I’m soView full post »

Yappy Sunday!

Hiya! Yappy Sunday! XOXO Pebs  View full post »

Beach Blanket Saturday!

Who wants to play a little “Beach, Blanket Ball” with me this gorgeous Saturday? XO PebblesView full post »


LOOK! I see FRIDAY! TGIF! Pebbles    View full post »

To Swim or Not?

To swim, or not to swim… That is the question!  Ha! PebsView full post »

Little Taco

Mommy says, I’m her “Little Taco.” Probably, because I like to sit outside with her and eat a chip orView full post »

Too Cute Tuesday!

Here’s something “TOO CUTE” for your Tuesday! XO PebblesView full post »

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day! Let’s remember all those who fought for the USA! -PebblesView full post »

Keeping Cool!

This is how Gracie and me like to keep cool in the summertime! Jump on in! Ha! PebblesView full post »


LOOK! It’s a PINWHEEL! I love the way it tickles my nose… I think it’s my new favorite toy! XO, PebblesView full post »

Life is a Beach!

Life REALLY is a BEACH! TGIF! Yip! Yip! PebblesView full post »

Happy Throwback Thursday!

Happy “Throwback Thursday!” I was not even 1-year-old here. Just look how tiny and adorable I was! XO,View full post »

Yappy Wednesday!

Yappy Wednesday! We are halfway there!! Here’s a snapshot of Mommy kissing me by the ocean! Hope it made you smileView full post »

Too Cute Tuesday!

Here’s something “TOO CUTE” for your Tuesday! I’m chewing Mimi’s hand because I’mView full post »


OH BOY! It’s MONDAY again! Hopefully, I made you smile anyway! XO PebblesView full post »