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Thank You John Paul Pet!

Thank you John Paul Pet for sending me a box of your wonderful pet care products for my birthday! Your shampoo,View full post »

Hang On!

This cold weather bites!  But don’t worry, it will be Spring soon! -PebsView full post »

Happy Wednesday!

I Hope You Have a Positively, Fabulous Day! XOXO Pebs    View full post »

Sweet Day!

I hope you have the sweetest day ever! XOXO Pebbles  View full post »

Priceless Pebbles

Have a furtastic Saturday!  View full post »

Happy Valentine’s Day! Kiss Someone You Love!

Beau, ran up and gave me a big ole’ kiss on the side of my face! I’m so glad he wuvs me! Happy Valentine&#View full post »

A Blast From the Past!

Can you believe this was little me? Happy “Throwback” Thursday! Stay warm! XOXO, Pebbles  View full post »

Weather Watching Dogs

We wonder what this winter weather’s gonna do!?  -Maggie, Beau, and PebblesView full post »


They say I’m a real Heart-stopper… I wonder what that means? XOXO Pebbles    View full post »


My Proverb of the day… Hope you have a relaxing Sunday!  View full post »

Free Kisses!

Have a Sweet Saturday! XOXO, PebsView full post »

I’ve Had Enough of Winter!

I don’t know bout you… But, this winter weather is terrible on my nails! At least it’s Friday though! TGIFView full post »