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    Thank you for stopping by our blog! This is a place to share all things Pebbles! Pebbles is a small Shih Tzu known as Positively Pebbles ™ because she's always in action, making everyone smile with her funny comments, cute tricks and deeds filled with compassion.

    Pebbles is currently working on several projects that will help homeless animals and was featured in Everydog Magazine, Winter 2013.

    Last year, she raised over $600.00 at her 1st birthday party for abused dogs and hopes to excede that amount this year! She's definitely one busy girl!

    But, don't worry! She still has time for fun. Pebbles is currently learning how to skateboard and enjoys playing with her family and friends.

    Make sure to follow her adventures every week!

December Update 2015

I got an adorable, little haircut last week. Also, this week my blood work shows I am still in the “Low Normal” Range with my HCT, Red Blood, and now my white blood cells have once again returned to the normal range! Mommy says that I am one strong fighter! Prayer warriors continue on! ??❤ ‪#‎imhawarriors‬ XO Pebbles


November 2015

Hi ya’ll! So I turned 4-years-old on November 1 as you may know! So far, November has had many ups and downs…

I already relapsed with my IMHA and ITP, so I had to start on high doses of medication again. They make me feel yucky. I am doing OK though with lots of love and care from Mommy! She put together this picture collage for me, on my birthday, of a few of the special times we had together. I’m gonna fight very hard so we can have many more fun times together! Please keeping praying for me!

Wuv, Pebbles



Today the vet is slowing weening me off of one of my IMHA medications, as my white blood cells are now suppressed way too much! Please pray hard for me! Holding our breath and jumping into the deep end! Pray! Pebbles