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    Thank you for stopping by our blog! This is a place to share all things Pebbles! Pebbles is a small Shih Tzu known as Positively Pebbles ™ because she's always in action, making everyone smile with her funny comments, cute tricks and deeds filled with compassion.

    Pebbles is currently working on several projects that will help homeless animals and was featured in Everydog Magazine, Winter 2013.

    Last year, she raised over $600.00 at her 1st birthday party for abused dogs and hopes to excede that amount this year! She's definitely one busy girl!

    But, don't worry! She still has time for fun. Pebbles is currently learning how to skateboard and enjoys playing with her family and friends.

    Make sure to follow her adventures every week!

Prayers for Pebbles!

Prayer for a Sick Pet
Heavenly Father,
Please help us in our time of need,
You have made us stewards of Pebbles.
If it is Your will, please restore her
to health and strength.
I pray too for other animals in need.
May they be treated with the care and respect
deserving of all Your creation.
Blessed are You Lord God,
and holy is Your name forever and ever
-Basilica and Shrine of Our Lady of Consolation.


This Is My Fight Song!

“This is my fight song… Take back my life song!”

A lot has happened since last week. I got really sick last Thursday. Mommy took me to the doctor and I was diagnosed with, Immune-Mediated Hemolytic Anemia  (IMHA). I was fine and just out of the blue I got really sick. I almost died!

On Thursday, I received a blood transfusion and lots of medications to make me better. By Friday evening, I was doing well enough to go home with Mommy, but it was still very serious. Today, I am home with Mommy and my blood work looks good. It’s still not perfect… But I am now in what they call “The Recovery Phase.” Please pray for me to fight this disease and kick it into complete remission! It’s possible but I’m gonna have to take a lot of medication for a while.

Wuv, Pebbles