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Pebbles’ Bio

My Self-Summary

I’m Known as Positively Pebbles ™ because of my funny and positive comments. I like to make people smile!

Born                               November 1, 2011
Affiliation Pets, Animal Promotions, Animal Advocacy
Awards I have completed Basic Obedience 101. I was also featured in Everydog Magazine in Winter of 2013. I raised over $600.00 at my 1st birthday party for homeless dogs.
Gender Female
Personal Information I am a small Shih Tzu named, Pebbles. Mom calls me “Pebs” and “Peanut” a lot. I am 2-years-old! I love to play and entertain, but I’m as still as a stuffed teddy bear when I go shopping with Mommy. People often ask if “I’m real?” I kindly gaze them in the eye, and let them touch me, so they know I am REAL! Oh, I talk! I say a couple of different words and phrases but my favorite one is “I want.” Sometimes when I REALLY WANT something I scream it really well! Everyone thinks it is so great… Don’t all dogs talk???
Personal Interests I love making other people smile and think positively! I also love helping to save other animals’ lives! I enjoy shopping, long walks, going to “School!”, practicing my homework, entertaining with tricks, and meeting new people and animals (I like them all!)I especially love Road Trips!

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