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Happy December!

Happy December! This was the first time I met Santa Paws! I sure was surprised! XO PebsView full post »

Christmas Update!

Update! My blood work still looks good today! HCT holding at 39.8% and white blood count is still normal! Platelets areView full post »

December Update 2015

I got an adorable, little haircut last week. Also, this week my blood work shows I am still in the “Low Normal&#View full post »

December 26

This is always one of the best things to do on December 26! Woof! PebblesView full post »

White Christmas!

Happy Wednesday! Can you believe Christmas Eve is just a week away!? Who else would love to have a white Christmas? WuvView full post »

Happy December!

It’s December and officially Christmastime! Remember, the true meaning of the season! Wuv, PebblesView full post »