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Happy August!

Happy August! I got an adorable, little haircut so I can stay cool during the “Dog Days” of summer! Woof!View full post »

Yappy Sunday!

Hope you have a Yappy Sunday! Wuv, Pebs P.S. Mommy says next week I’m getting a haircut. Woof!View full post »

Monday Kind Of Look…

The LOOK I get on my face WHEN: I realize it’s MONDAY, Mommy says I need a HAIRCUT, and my HAIRBOW DOESN’TView full post »

Wooly Pebbles

Hiya! Mommy says I’m “wooly” and need a haircut. I’m not sure how I feel about that… Wuv,View full post »

How’s My Hair?

Mommy made me get a haircut yesterday. I’m still exhausted from it! So, how’s my hair look? Be honest!   -View full post »