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Yep! I’m 5 today!

Mommy wrote this message to me: “Happy 5th Birthday to the funniest, smartest, strongest, sweetest little dog I&#View full post »

January Update!

My blood work looks really good today! All of it! So, we have dropped the Doxy and have put Atopica in its place. ThisView full post »

It’s Been 1 Month!

1 month ago today I was extremely ill and diagnosed with IMHA. A month later I am almost completely well with the bestView full post »

Happy Fall!

Goodbye, summer! But, HELLO, fall! Wuv, Pebbles    View full post »

Is it Fall Yet?

I think I can smell Fall… Does anyone else? Wuv, PebblesView full post »

Yappy Sunday!

Morning, Ya’ll! I home you have a Yappy Sunday! Wuv, PebblesView full post »

Happy “Throwback Thursday!”

Happy “Throwback Thursday!” I was ony 1-year-old in this picture! I was so tiny! Wuv, Pebs  View full post »

Monday Cute!

Here’s something to make you SMILE today! P.S. We recently discovered I have a “beauty mark!” Can youView full post »

Buried Treasure

I’m looking for a buried treasure in the sand… Do you think I’ll find one??? Wuv, Pebbles  View full post »

Beach Hair!

This beach wind is horrible on my hair! Woof! But, I love being here with Mommy! PebsView full post »

Yappy Hump Day!

Yappy “Hump Day!” Guess where I’ll be in about a week? I just can’t wait! Maybe, I will see aView full post »

Brought you Something!

Hope this makes your Monday a little better! XO Pebbles  View full post »

Yappy Thursday!

LOOK! The weekend if just around the corner! Yappy Thursday! Wuv, PebblesView full post »

Happy August!

Happy August! Wuv, Pebbles  View full post »

It’s A Beautiful Morning!

It’s a beautiful mornin’, ahhh! I think I’ll go outside a while… Hope you have a gorgeous SaturdayView full post »